NAB Show - April 2015

SQUID™ is announcing SQUID NTK, a collaborative platform with NewTek TriCaster multi-camera video production systems that automates TV station’s workflows. NewTek is the driving force behind the current global broadcast transformation.


SQUID NTK is a new product that fully integrates with TriCaster that is seamless and transparent to the customer. It adds new working modes that enhance combined technologies from Squid and NewTek for customers.


Combining SQUID with TriCaster brings new power to play-out, media asset management, commercial and production scheduling, broadcast auditing and on-screen graphic tools. It allows TriCaster, a leading and respected production system to turn into a fully automated broadcasting station.


“We are thrilled about SQUID NTK integrating with TriCaster. This collaboration means a better user experience and strong tools to solve everyday broadcasting challenges. Using NewTek’s SDK allowed us to integrate SQUID at the core, assuring scalability on future releases,” Renzo Imhoff, Commercial Manager of SQUID.

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